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Monday, March 3, 2014

Promo Blast!

I have a few things to Blast! about today. One item on Zibbet, one on Etsy. :)

Mosaic Sun // Bohemian Art // Hippie Decor // Mosaic Wall Art // Yellow Orange // 9.5 inches // Custom Orders Available - $145

"Bohemian Morning"
"Bohemian Morning" is the best batch of sunshine you can get each day. Filled with bright Vitamin D goodness in orange and yellow dish tiles. I've painted the sides in a peach tinted paint.

What a wonderful way to wake up each morning. Can brighten any room in your home.

If you like this shape but have other colors in mind, I make these mosaic shapes available as a made to order item. It takes 2-3 weeks to create a made to order Bohemian Sun especially for you. Contact me for more information.

Clients love my Bohemian sun: "The pictures do not do it justice - it is more beautiful in person and looks wonderful above my kitchen sink."

You can see the last custom Bohemian sun being made using stained glass through photos on flickr here:


Stained Glass Mosaic, Mixed Media Art, Abstract, 12 Inches - $175

"A New Horizon"
The title of this is "A New Horizon". I imagine standing towards the edge of a cliff where I see grass, hills, water, sand and rocks. It's a new beginning, a fresh start and an inspiration in one 12 inch mosaic stained glass plate.

When this is turned it completely changes perspective but no matter how it's placed, it is quite beautiful.

Stained glass colors used are green/yellow, amber, white/light blue and aquamarine.

I love making mosaics on discarded items; transforming them into something beautiful and unusual. Such is the case for this mosaic. Very small hand cut pieces of stained glass are placed on a discarded 12 inch microwave plate and grouted.

This plate is meant to be shown in sunlight. I used to call these plates sun catchers, but traditionally sun catchers are hung in the window to grab the light. My plates are heavy and hanging is not recommended nor do I craft them for that purpose. They look fantastic sitting in the window in a display dish holder (not included).

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