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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Featured Shop - FrankieandMyrrh


Frankie & Myrrh

Hippie Go Lucky
Finding a shop that caters to me personally is a big deal. I am all about aromatherapy; have been since the early 1970's and the strawberry incense I found in New Hope, PA became a part of my daily life. I also learned that I am a patchouli girl! That has always been my "go to" scent to make myself feel better.

It makes no difference how old I am, there have been scents associated with calming me, waking me, mellowing me out. I am delighted to have found a shop that caters to people of all ages with all kinds of needs.

Aromatherapy is for everyone of every age and I recommend this shop highly to find exactly what you are looking for to help you with your daily stresses or a child's fears. What a great gift any of these would make!

When I discovered a shop that had sprays entitled "Spray The Bitch Away" and "Hippie Go Lucky" I knew I found a kindred spirit in Kim Wong and FrankieandMyrrh.

Aromatherapy Spray for PMS Symptoms, Bitch Days, and Hot Flashes

It is my utmost goal this year to sell enough mosaics to take advantage of their buy 3 sprays, get 1 free! You can mix and match however you like. Oh joy of joys! With this deal, you can use the coupon code "hookmeup" for a free bottle with free shipping. Purchase 4 bottles and just enter in the coupon code.

Each spray has a specific purpose and are all extremely affordable. "Mosquito Retreato" helps keep mosquitos at bay. "Hottie By Nature" was the first spray Kim developed. In her own words: "It is a fruity, citrus smell with hints of wood and Vanilla. I call it my 'anti-drama queen' spray. When I smell it, I just find it hard to be a bitch."

If you live in San Francisco, you can find them at:

An Aromatherapy Spray/ Perfume to Kick-Start Your Spirits
A Children's Before Bed Calming Mandarin Spray To Repel Monsters

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