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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

In The Studio

Things have been uneventful this week, more or less, In The Studio. The muse is resting, giving my body a chance to recoup from some middle aged aches and pains due to drastic weather temp changes. She is good to me but Mother Nature ... not so much.

When the muse and I have rested, we'll have some grouting to start with.

Ocean Bottle Challenge for GOG Group on FB
Mosaic Lighthouse in stained glass
Kikkoman soy sauce bottle - stained glass and broken china mosaic

Starbucks Ice Coffee bottle - now has the strap glass mosaic treatment

Once the above are all grouted, I have a few new projects to start. I mentioned last week that I had gifts to make for April. I have figured out the baby shower gifts (I need two), so I've prepped the substrates for those.

I also was given many, many, MANY cookie jars from a friend of my daughter who collected them for quite some time probably starting in the 1990's. After doing some extensive research on them, I've found perhaps a half a dozen that are collectible. The rest can be covered or smashed to my delight! But it will take a good long time to do that. I'm not kidding ... we've got at least 50 of them in boxes ... ah the life of a mosaics artist who loves to use things in a new way.

~watch this space~
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Stay peaceful,