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Saturday, March 15, 2014


~Spoiler Alert!!~

The Ocean Bottle Challenge work-in-progress photos are being shared here today. If you are part of the GOG Group on Facebook taking part in this challenge and would prefer not to see these, click away now!

This challenge is to be a "bottle" only challenge. The bottle is to be mosaic ed to represent the ocean. It can be things from the ocean, things that are commonly located off the ocean, etc. The ocean has always been a place of inspiration and refuge for many. The ocean can wash away your sadness, bounce up waves of love, provide peace in its underwater tranquility, and set your free with the winds upon your sails. The ocean is our life source of food, water, and energy. Without our oceans life would cease to exist. Go to the beach look out to the ocean and become inspired to create this timeless bottle representing its wonder. The materials for this project can be mixed media, and the bottle can be lit if you so desire. Challenge begins 3 March and ends on 3 May Please click "attending" if you plan to do this challenge! Good Luck and Enjoy!

When I first started on this I didn't like it at all. Now that I see it in these photos, I like it enough to say I'm pleased with it so far. I think when I get too close to something and focus on each piece and don't see it as a whole, I can lose perspective. Seeing it in this way, above, makes me see water, sky, rocks and the lighthouse too! The bigger stones on the front are still bothersome ... not sure they will make the cut when I'm ready to grout but I like the ones on the back.

Here is each photo individually so you can see them separately.

I should be heading towards the crafts table this afternoon and finish it up. More photos will be shared next Wednesday, probably, in the "In The Studio" post.

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