Peace Signs

Friday, October 16, 2015

In The Studio - Part Two

What a great week. Busy!! I love when that happens.

I finished getting all the glass on the vase and I am so happy with how it looks.

The glue will take a little bit of time to dry completely, especially in the center part of the flower but once it's dry I can grout it. I'm excited to see it completely finished. I really love it.

The center light green glass is from an old, chipped Depression glass bread plate in the Rose Cameo pattern. The petals of the flower are in 3 different shades of blue. I put ball chain around the flower to bring a little interest to it. It's surrounded by a really pretty green/blue glass with spots of deep dark purple here and there. As usual when I do a glass-on-glass mosaic vase, I'll use a dark grout to finish it nicely. When it sits in a window or near a light source, the grout color is hard to see if it is a specific color. Dark gray or black work really well.

By the way, this plate is the only green one that was saved from a box filled with Depression glass plates given to me when my Great Aunt passed away many years ago. I have a lot of pink to use and will, one day get them in mosaics. Not much is useable as it is but it still has beauty for future mosaics!

I've completely finished the custom made 8 inch peace sign. It is now sitting in the "to be grouted" pile! Around the outer edge I've put some of the awesome mirror I used in the center of the design. I'll share a photo or two when it's grouted. The customer has seen it and thinks it's beautiful! Yay!

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