Peace Signs

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

In The Studio - Part One

This may end up being a busy week In The Studio and I like it!!

The custom 8 inch peace sign supplies arrived yesterday. They are so cool. The top row of glass is some I had but the rest was purchased specifically for this job.

I'll share the progress as I go on this one but it shouldn't take too long to do. I'm pumped to work on it because I absolutely love the colors. And it's for my daughter's instructor at beauty school so I'm quite excited to make it for her.

I'm also working on an 8 inch vase. I really love how this is turning out. Those flowers ... ugh ... such a pain to do but the results are great. I would love to make this design on a square vase soon to see if it's easier to do. Cylinder vases are hard to mosaic on, for me, anyway.

The filler colors are green/blue and dark purple. The purple is only in dots here and there because I didn't have much of it. But I like it so far and will share another photo on Friday.

I don't know if you all remember this large 15.5 inch gazing ball I made months ago, but I've grouted some of it. It's been sitting in a box by my feet at the computer and the other day the sun hit the mirror and the room just lit up!

Isn't it gorgeous?! This will be listed soon. It's heavy and has stained glass, mirror, broken china, acrylics and glitter with tempered glass and black glass gems. Everything I like to work with materials wise is on this gazing ball. It's an amazing sphere, truly fantastic. It's one of those things you think it's got to be seen in person to really be appreciated. Hopefully someone will see the value of it's beauty and want to give it a new home.

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