Peace Signs

Friday, October 2, 2015

In The Studio - Part Two

It's almost the weekend and I have some plans all laid out for it! I'll be grouting for one thing.

I have so many things to grout, I put them all in a box a few weeks ago to keep them from getting placed here and there around my room/studio.

I am also going to get started on putting mosaics on a few bras. I'm not the first one to do this. Search for it, you'll see some charities for Breast Cancer Awareness have auctions and fashion shows and all that good stuff that include mosaic bras. I told myself I would get at least two finished before the end of October and hopefully someone will find them just whimsical enough to want to purchase for their home, doctor's office or local hospital. I can keep them here with me too. But I won't be tempted to put them on. I promise you that!

These bras are too small for me, so they will get covered in mosaic magic this month.
When these mosaic bras sell, I will donate 50% towards the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

I also put a lot of the items I want to retake photos of into a box. I had to do some re-painting too, so I put those together as well.

The Fiestaware peace sign and the switchplate and outlet covers (not shown in the photo above) are now properly attended to.

I had trouble yesterday with the Camera Goddess but got out of bed this morning aware that she was ready to get to work. I started by taking the photos of the outlet covers and moved on to the holiday vase.

Not bad!

I had a great surprise yesterday from an online artist buddy I've known for 7 years now, I guess. Wow, time does fly when you have fun talking about mosaics! She sent me a small care package of goodies to use in future mosaics along with one of her trademark Zentangle cards. Everything will be used and I'm so pleased she thought of me enough to send me these awesome goodies!

I especially love those floral tiles in the center of the tray. Yummmmmmy!! There's a lot of sparkle and shine in a few of these bags. A lot of things are iridescent. Gotta love that!! I'm looking forward to using every single bit of it. Maybe some will end up on the mosaic bras! You never know!!

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