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Friday, May 29, 2015

In The Studio - Part Two

Wrapping up the week in a positive way, as I always like to do, by sharing the love.

GOOD NEWS! For those who were interested in having one of my doodles as a coloring page: While I learn how to do them and get them a little more polished, I will be giving away a free pattern every now and then. This first one, "Flower Power A", is all set up in a PDF file without the watermarks and can be sent to you through email for FREE!! Send me a PM anytime with your email address and I'll send it on to you using my email address.

Flower Power A - Free PDF download coloring page

I have a lot to learn yet but while I do, sharing freebies is a wonderful thing!! I hope you enjoy it and will share the results with me if you'd like.

I finished up the mosaic and it's now in the extremely large "to be grouted" pile. I love it!

And the wait is finally over ... the pens have finally arrived!

Pigma Micron Pen - 05 SEPIA .45MM & Penstix Pen - black perm 3/Set

I'm hoping to get a lot of use out of them before they need to be replaced! They were worth waiting for, however. I love them all.

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Stay peaceful,