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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

In The Studio - Part One

The studio has been a little slow this week. I've had a lot of pain and not much sleep. Staying away from tools and items that cut you on a good day is always a good policy of mine. However, I have finished getting glass on the cutting board and it looks really great.

I'm going to use that wonderful blue "starry night" grout for this piece. I am thrilled that this has been put aside for a dear friend who wants to purchase it as soon as she can. Woo-hoo!

Lots of drawing is going on these days.

Sadly, I'm still waiting for my pens to arrive. Getting these things to me has been a real roller coaster. When I originally ordered them, they were left out of the box by the art supply store. After calling them and letting them know I never got them, they apologized politely and sent them out again. The delivery service sent me updates letting me know it was delivered however I didn't get them. Yesterday I made some phone calls to the delivery service who tells me it's possible they went to the wrong building OR they went to the leasing office. They are checking with the driver and that takes 48 hours to do. The suggestion was made to call the leasing office to see if they have it. Hopefully that is the case and someone can go get them for me because I can't get down the stairs (we live on the 2nd floor) at the moment due to my physical problems. Being unable to just walk to the store to get them to begin with definitely has its disadvantages.

The saga continues ...

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