Peace Signs

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

In The Studio - Part One

Working in the Super Secret Mosaics Lab has made it hard for me to share what I'm doing each week at the crafts table. I do, however, have more doodles and drawings to share in all stages of progress from completed to waiting for the pens and watercolor crayons I ordered to arrive.

Tapestry Doodle

One of my favorites - waiting for pens to finish

I haven't decided if this one is finished

moon and stars in pencil - waiting for pens to finish

Doodle sun

dandelion. doodle dot

I think I'm getting pretty good with these and finding my own style as I go. I think the moon and stars is probably the best drawing I've done within the last 6 weeks of this new adventure in doodle dot drawings.

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