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Friday, May 15, 2015

In The Studio - Part Two

Yesterday I started working on a new mosaic.

These dish tiles are dark blue although they look black here. The stamp on the back calls this design "Country Cupboard". The shape is one of 4 cutting boards I asked my Dad to donate to the mosaic cause he had made in the 1950's.

I love these dishes and their flower design and have used them in mosaics in the past.

All 3 of these mosaics are available through Storenvy.

The fun thing about working on this particular mosaic is sharing it online and having it sold before it got further than what you see above. I LOVE when that happens!

My daughter and son-in-law from IL came to visit us this week. I shared photos on Facebook of the fam and one of the most unflattering photos of me I've seen in the longest time. Triple chins and exhaustion aside, I'm sitting next to 2 people I love and my 7 year old Grandson took the picture, so what can I do? I must share.

The "Doodle Fairy" is still with me. I'm going to save this one for the new pens headed my way today.

I'm diggin' it!

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Stay peaceful,