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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Trendy Tuesday

Another Zibbet filled week of delightful finds for my Trendy Tuesday post. Today is a nice assortment in wood. You can find all the shops on my Zibbet blog associated with the site. Check it out!

Wood Collection
I use wood once in a while for my mosaics. Usually I use old pieces from furniture that are no longer useful as it is or something that's been sitting in a box for 10-15 years that was once trendy but no longer is. Here's a great example and perfect for the upcoming holiday, Valentine's Day, to show what can be done with something that needs a face lift. This was originally painted blue, red and yellow and fit very well into my 1990's decor. I loved it but soon grew tired of it; my tastes changed and it really did get placed in a box until I pulled it out a few years ago and made it new again!

Mosaic Hearts
My Mosaic Hearts are the newest listing this morning on Zibbet! Aren't they pretty?? Best thing about my mosaic flowers are they never lose their color or wilt and you don't sneeze if you get too close!

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