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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

In The Studio

This week has been fairly filled with activity. After taking some time away to rest, I have managed to catch a cold which has slowed me up quite a bit more than I would have liked. It did however produce one mosaic that I am fairly proud of.

This was a discarded microwave plate in a former life. Now it is a piece of mosaic art. It's going to have black grout once complete; I'm waiting for the glue under the rocks to dry before I do that.

Using discarded items and creating art pieces is my favorite thing to do!
Waiting for grout.
I've given this the title: A New Horizon because when I look at it, I see grass, a cliff, a hill in the distance, water and a sandy beach below when I look at it. Can you see that too?

Yesterday I wasn't feeling well at all and spent most of the day resting. However, I didn't want to go a day without doing something creative, so I attempted working on a gazing ball with jewelry bits and pieces and some polymer clay items. Honestly, I took half of it apart before I took these photos below. I still like this part. Now I need to figure out what to do with the rest of it. It is possible that I'll be adding stained glass to it. It can go in any direction and may end up being torn apart more before it's completed.

I like this part but don't really have much else to go with it that I do like. I've added and taken off just about everything I thought would work here. So this sits as it is for the moment until I decide what should go on it next.

There's some exciting news to share here in the studio! I've just been commissioned to do a mosaic sun! This made-to-order mosaic will be 9.5 inches and in beach colors for the customer's kitchen. I showed her a range of colors from previous mosaics and have landed on a palette in between those. Once the supplies arrive, I'll start sharing work-in-progress photos here and on flickr. I ordered some glass but am going to use some I have here in the studio too. I have a lot of blue glass!

Yesterday, I neglected to share the newest items listed in my 2nd Etsy shop! I can't believe I forgot to share them! Aren't they pretty?

"Heart In The Clouds" series at Etsy
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Stay peaceful,