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Friday, January 10, 2014

Saying Hello

Just in case those who follow missed my announcement that I was extending my respite, I wanted to share a post just saying hello!

My bones have been struggling with the cold weather and some days I don't function at all. I call those days "pain management" days. I don't go to a doctor (no resources for that luxury), but I'm fairly sure it's arthritis as it runs in my family as does fibromyalgia and a few other unpleasant things that cause inflammations and pain.

Moving is good, creating is great, grouting is a miracle. I managed to do all 3 this past week while the temperatures plummeted here on the East Coast. However, there were a few days when walking down/up stairs was not possible.

It's a bad day today (raining and snowing), but I still wanted to share a few things I've listed on Etsy this week in spite of the pain and fog that comes with it.

"Magic Carpet" is made using toothpicks and a small paint brush - 2.5 x 8 inches

"Earth Angels Dance For The Moon" - my small painting of 3 angels dancing on the earth for the crescent moon with wavy clouds around it - 8 x 2.5 inches

Not bad for someone who can't bend her fingers this morning, huh! Everything I shared last week has been grouted. I'll show the rest of what I've done soon.

I've also been adding new items to my 2nd shop when I can. Check it out!

Table Lamp

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Stay peaceful,