Peace Signs

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Taking A Break

It's time to take a bit of a break from networking/marketing and sharing. Every so often I need time to recoup energy and restore creativity. It's a good thing to do.

This week there will be no posts or much activity through social media but new items will be added each day on Etsy per usual. Be sure to check the site daily to see the new photo decor items.

I also would like to announce that I'm adding a new shop on Etsy very soon. I'm taking all the photo art items and placing them into a shop of their own. This way the mosaics don't get jealous of all the attention the photo prints get. ;)

I have new products coming too. iPad/iPod/Laptop cases, home decor, tee shirts and hoodies too. Woo-hoo!!

I'll be back to the usual daily posts on Monday, November 18th.

Until then,

Stay peaceful,
Cindy, Earth Mother Mosaics