Peace Signs

Friday, November 1, 2013

Picture Day

Not a lot to share this week but what photos I have are good ones. Yesterday was Halloween here in PA and it started off as very foggy in the morning, rained midday and then got overly warm in the evening. I did get some great shots of the foggy morning! The grandkids were out Trick Or Treating a good long time enjoying going door-to-door in their favorite neighborhood. I stayed home and watched Netflix and worked on the custom order with no interruptions. We don't get any children visiting in the complex. The photo below may be an indication as to why. It can look pretty scary when the sun's not shining.

I've been playing around with the photo editor. Isn't the one above really awesome?!

Here's a foggy photo of my tree.

Check it out - the sky is white from fog. Cool.

But the leaves on my tree are still beautiful with a little help from the photo editor's saturation feature.

Ahhhhh the colors of fall in Pennsylvania. Beautiful.

I got a shot of my newest candle holder last night too. Placed in the window, the reflections all looked orange at night. Love that!

My tree definitely influenced me when picking out the colors for this candle holder.

Stay peaceful,
Cindy, Earth Mother Mosaics