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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

In The Studio - Part One

Life as I know it has changed drastically since I've had to deal with this muscle spasm, possible ruptured disk and sciatica. This is my own diagnosis and at some point in the future, I will get myself looked at by a doctor but today, right now, that's not possible. My entire life has changed literally overnight. I'm limited in what I can do, where I can go and how I get there. There was no warning, no time to make adjustments or preparations. So far, I'm able to get up out of bed for a bit and walk around with the help from a cane and I'm grateful for that.

This is what the pain I am experiencing constantly looks like.

Photo credit taken from and the article "6 Leading Causes of Sciatica" Written by Reviewed by 

This is why I'm sleeping on average about 4 hours a night (not all at the same time) and taking pain relievers.

I'm also in the most creative cycle I've ever been in; slower, most definitely, but creative just the same. The best part about being awake so long and having very little energy or strength to move much is my art. The worst part is not being able to go down the steps and outside to be part of the changing seasons.

Spring from my window

Meanwhile, here are some doodles and other fun things I've been finishing up and working on. I'm STILL waiting for the pens I ordered over a month ago. This will be the 3rd attempt at getting them to me --- I really hope they arrive soon.

I picked up a mosaic to do this week too. I'm a little sad that I'm not yet strong enough to grout, it takes a lot of physical energy and strength to clean a mosaic free from grout. Repetition and movement are essential. It's more than a little likely that I will get the kids around me to help me do grouting. I think they will get bored quickly and not want to do it after the first few times but I will be able to share my mosaic magic with them once more and get the much needed help too. Win/win.

This mosaic is on a piece of teak wood, I believe, which is about as old as I am. It's been sitting in my substrate box for years. I've drawn and painted over a number of designs on it but when I saw the stars in my stash of found objects, I knew it would work for this. Along came the piece of glass precut into a crescent moon shape and the polymer clay word charm I made a few years ago "sun". The rest is easy! All of these things have been sitting here with me for quite some time but not until I saw them altogether like this did I realize it was time to do a new sun and moon mosaic! Yay!

The back is impressive as well - beautifully treated wood slice that was quite popular in the 1950's. I'm fairly sure at one point there was something attached to the part I am putting a mosaic on. When I got it (gifted by my Dad) it was just this great piece of wood. I'll be sure to share it too when the mosaic is completed.

Look for this in the shop within the next month.

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  1. Oh no, Cindy! I'm so sorry to hear about this. Back pain is no joke! I hurt my lower back years ago, and it's never been the same. It was nothing like a ruptured disc, though, so I can only imagine! OUCH.
    I hope you're resting easy. I love the doodles you've been doing. Doodling is a way to pass the time (and if my doodles looked like yours, well - I'd be super happy!). Take care, my friend. Hope you get that checked out by a doc real soon.

  2. Thank you, Kim. You are so sweet! I have had back troubles for 40 years (fell down a flight of stairs in my early 20's, then when I was 30, my first child was a back labor and so on), but this is new, probably due to my age, and harder to deal with. Harumph.

  3. Cinday - I know you probably don't want to go and see the medics, but self-diagnosis ain't any good for getting oneself better! Those mosaics are asking to be finished, and you need to do it. So - get on with it, and go see a quack! That's what they're there for, especially when you need them. Meanwhile, praying for a break in your pain cycle(s).

    1. Great advice, Isobel, but it's not quite that simple. It's not that I don't want to go, I have no way to go just yet. I'd gladly have gone after the first muscle spasm 2+ months ago back in the days when I had the means to do it. Now I have no income, no insurance, no doctor. If I didn't live with my daughter and her family, I wouldn't be able to survive on my own, no kidding! We're working on trying to change things so I can get insurance but for now, it is not possible. Self-diagnosis is all I can do at the moment. Thanks so much for the prayers. I'll take them!!