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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

In The Studio - Wednesday

You may have noticed I changed the name of these posts to "Wednesday" and the next, if I have another for the week will say "Friday". I had "Part One" and "Part Two" for a long time but rarely do I manage to do two In The Studio posts these days. Why put a part one when they might not be a part two?? Duh.

I have been busy making a zombie. I do love how this turned out and now I'm working on the frame which will get some cement added to it soon. It didn't turn out exactly as I had anticipated but considering it's only 6 inches with a lot of detail, I'm okay with it. Hopefully the Little Dude will love it!

"Plants vs. Zombies" mosaic - a PopCap game favorite 
I glued on the "vs." on the tiny tombstone from a piece of paper I used as a guide to make the mosaic.
The frame and back piece will get some cement slathered on, then it all gets glued together with hanging gear on it.

I have a small "to be grouted" pile now and I'm quite happy about that. I have slowed up making items for the shops since my focus has been on gifts for the family. This kitty wall hanging and useful trivet will be grouted next. It goes to my daughter and son-in-law in Illinois this holiday season.

The two kitties here on the mosaic represent their furbabies. Aren't they cute?!

I do have a few things in the grout pile for the shop too.

This is a hanging candle holder done in deep purple stained glass. It will be grouted white.
I'm hoping to get some LED lights to place inside. That way there's no chance of a fire should it get knocked over or hit as it's hanging. The fancy blue on top and bottom of this holder is painters tape to help guide the grout for me when it comes time. I had an experience recently where I put tape on the bottom of a vase and it was crooked. It isn't all that noticeable but I am one of those people who walks into a room and sees crooked things on the wall and cringes. I am thinking the Universe is laughing and allowed me to make this vase in this way so that I can get over that touch of OCD to look beyond the less than straight line and see the beauty just as it is. *Sigh*.

I am not sure if I shared these previously, but they are obviously an outlet and switch plate cover set. I don't know why it took me so long to offer up a set instead of individual pieces. Again I *sigh*.

This set will be grouted and listed. I'm fairly sure they will be grouted in light brown.
Remember the large gazing ball I made awhile back? No? That's okay if you don't. I almost forgot about it myself. It's been sitting in a box in a corner for the longest time and I think it's time to come out and be seen!! Flower Power at it's best!! I haven't finished grouting it yet. That will change soon and this too will be available for purchase.

This part is grouted ...
... but turned just a bit and you can see where the grout stops!
It is a beauty, isn't it?! This sphere measures 15.5 inches and has so much tessarae! Stained glass, mirror, glass gems, tempered glass (paint and glitter under it) and dish tiles too. It's really one of those mosaics you need to see in person to appreciate it. Check out this glam shot:

I'm pretty sure I'm going to add my moniker to the bottom of this and use it eventually for business cards. What do you think?

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