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Monday, November 16, 2015

Promo Blast!

The holidays are coming! Today I'm sharing a beautiful vase that is holiday-inspired. Glass in green and red, with a ribbon design on it, this is sure to make any occasion sparkle!

Holiday Mosaic Stained Glass Vase - Green and Red - 7 x 3 inches

This is such a pretty mosaic vase. From top to bottom this holiday-inspired mosaic is filled with hand cut pieces of stained glass in shades of green. A ribbon design in red is placed around the vase.

The colors are perfect for the holiday season but pretty enough to stay out on your table or shelves all year long. The light play from sun or candlelight is intense and truly quite beautiful. Grouted in light charcoal and sealed.

We love useful and decorative art. Perfect!! This vase is handmade with love and one of my favorite mosaic decor items to create and give.


Measures 7 x 3 inches 

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