Peace Signs

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

In The Studio - Part One

Inspiration has taken hold and I've been doing some work!

I've gotten a few new supplies in and started work immediately on the custom ordered vase.

Gorgeous colors. Life is easy when there's so much beauty around me!

The vase is sitting, waiting for glue to dry. It will take approximately a week, maybe longer, before it's ready for grout.

So I went next to a square vase because I've got a few designs in my head for vases and need to get it all out!

Two sides are finished so far. This is called "Phases". I have a lot of dark blue scraps in stained glass but not enough to cover an entire vase. So my solution was to use different shades, all in blue for the section above the orange and all dark purple for the bottom section (all the same on each side). I like it so far!

I'm still waiting for information and decisions to start on the switch plate covers for a customer, which means I get to play continuously with other things until those decisions have been made! Yay!

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