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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

In The Studio - Part One

I'm fairly sure there's a whirlwind around this studio this week that is visible from at least 100 miles away! I've grouted, nipped, cut and created quite a bit and need to keep going!!

I shared the vase "Phases" last week but have some new photos of it (still waiting for glue to dry) that I want to share here. The Camera Goddess has been awesome!

The Mid-Century Modern Kitties vase looks great! It's still waiting for glue to dry as well but I'm really diggin' how it looks! All four sides have a different color Mod Kitty on it and the area around them is filled with really groovy scrap glass pieces. I'm looking forward to finishing it with grout and some paint to bring out the awesomeness of the kitties.

I am almost finished grouting my Snowmen. I have to do their hats in black grout and then get their hangers attached. Aren't they cute?

I took some great shots of the Small Stained Glass Corked Bottle yesterday in the sun. Oh my, it's gorgeous!! I have to clean the frosted glass I used on the top section a little bit with some vinegar to get the grout completely out of the glass pieces but other than that, this will be ready to get listed very soon.

And finally ... the "Super Secret Mosaics Laboratory" has officially opened for the holiday gift making. I believe it's cool to share what I made for my Dad and Step-Mom here as they don't read my blog, I don't think. Even if they do, I know they will enjoy it more once it's grouted and I've made a frame for it.

Here is the original photo I used for inspiration.

I have been playing with cardboard and made a small frame (not yet built but the pieces are made - see photo below) and I'm going to give it a test to see how it works out by covering it in plaster cast strips and putting a mosaic on the top part of the frame. It's been amazing how many videos on YouTube you can find about such things. Between it and Pinterest, I found exactly how to make a cardboard frame. Woo-hoo!

Here's a small frame I'll be working on first to see how it goes. Exciting stuff!! Doesn't look like much at the moment but it will become a cool mosaic frame for a doodle of mine if it goes as planned. Fun!!

Once I get used to making a few of these, I'm going to attempt to make a frame that will hold a mosaic. I'll share the results when I do!

Yesterday I shipped out the custom vase I made recently. I really love how a simple design can make such an impact. This is one beautiful piece of mosaic art. I'm quite proud of it! I hope the customer loves it!!

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