Peace Signs

Monday, April 6, 2015

Promo Blast!

I love stained glass. I love color. I love combining them together to make an abstract mosaic like this one. It is truly a unique piece of mosaic wall art and has so many interesting features in it.

Available through my shop on Storevy. One of my most favorite mosaics, this has a history behind it. The wood on the frame, although primed before the mosaic was placed on had warped after the mosaic was completely finished. I put it in the oven which was a suggestion by an online friend (at a very low temperature, of course) and it straightened the wood. The results were a few fused pieces permanently on the wood and changed the way the grout looked. I loved it!

Stained Glass Mosaic Wall Art - Jewel Tones - FREE SHIPPING Within US - SALE - Item Price has been reduced - $120.65

I love the message to this Stained Glass Mosaic Wall Hanging. Peace, Patience and Happiness word charms have been placed lovingly on this mosaic.

Broken jewelry, an enamel copper circular 'button' in blue with a yellow dot (circa 1960), wonderfully rich looking stained glass, some vintage, in jewel tones of amber, peach, green and blue, brown, red and a few other surprises all blend really well together and grouted. The center holds a mirror that I covered in clear rippled stained glass. My mosaic was made on wood and has a hook for hanging.

Signed and sealed. Measures 10 inches.

Favorited by many, has been shared locally through displays during the years and enjoyed often. Gallery quality mosaic work made affordable here for those who enjoy mosaics. Bright and bold. A definite statement piece of art.

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Stay peaceful,