Peace Signs

Friday, April 3, 2015

In The Studio - Part Two

I've packed up the peace signs and waved buh-bye. They are leaving the building today, I hope, and heading on to their new home in North Dakota.

The kidlets are home from school for Spring break until next week. I don't have to do a lot of wrangling now that the oldest can babysit her siblings but I'm here when they need me while Mom and Dad are working.

Yesterday the weather warmed up enough for them to head on out into the courtyard of our apartment complex and play. It was great to see them running around from my window.

I'm taking a small break between projects waiting on supplies for more doodling and mosaic work. It's good to rest and allow the muse to get ready for the next wave of creativity.

The next project for the crafts table is the free mosaic gifts I'll be making for 10 people who responded to the call on Facebook. I'll be doing another giveaway again soon, I'm fairly sure, because I like doing them. I don't donate much work any longer and leaving art abandoned is hard to do now that I'm no longer driving, so this is the perfect solution for me. At least I know those that receive these free mosaics will either gift it or keep it and enjoy it.

If you want to get in on the next giveaway let me know (US residents only at this time, sorry about that) either here or through one of the many other social media spots I frequent which can be found on the right. --->

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I hope you have a great weekend and Happy Easter to those who celebrate it. Enjoy the moments!

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Stay peaceful,