Peace Signs

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

In The Studio - Part One

It's been a difficult few days here for me due to unexpected aches from a slight fall. Nothing major!! However, the pains that already hurt from arthritis and cold/rainy weather in addition to this little bit of drama slowed me up a little bit. It's all good, though, because I never stopped creating art and nothing is bruised or broken. Yay!!

The peace signs are all finished and will get packed up soon.

Pre-grout prep work: the last 2 peace signs taped off to prevent grout from going where I don't want it to go. :)

Ninth Peace Sign - 10 Inches

Tenth Peace Sign - 8 Inches

What a wonderful adventure it's been. I'm happy with them all.

1 through 10

The next step in taking care of the customer when handling the peace signs is by running my fingers carefully along the outer edges to find sharp spots and grinding them a little bit with a diamond file.

All that is left is to bubble wrap each one carefully and pack them up for shipping.

Wave buh-bye!!

I also taped up the cat clock for grouting but haven't gotten to it yet. Once the peace signs are headed towards their new home, I'm fairly sure I'll do that next.

I haven't forgotten about the huge sphere that needs grouting. I've ignored it for a bit but I really should get to it soon so it can be displayed somewhere. I'm considering gifting it because I'm not sure we have the room for it here. That's something I don't usually take into consideration when the muse wants to play. :)

When I am not making a mosaic, I am doodling. I got a small box of Crayola markers a few months ago and I've more or less used every bit of them up.

My cousin gave me a book she got for herself and rarely used. After seeing some of my doodles she thought I might get some fun out it. I've been taking the designs from it and doodling onto cardboard or paper every since!

The last photo shows using up most of the colors as you can see the color fading. No worries, however, I just ordered a big box of gel pens and some awesome mixed media paper. I definitely will continue to have fun doodling as the months progress. Maybe soon a doodle will be adapted for a new mosaic!

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Stay peaceful,