Peace Signs

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Yesterday I worked on dot painting the 8 inch peace sign and zipped right through it. This broken earring was the inspiration for the design and colors I used.

I wasn't sure I would sell these dot paintings when I started experimenting on the bottles, but there are items like the frames and this peace sign that seem to look fairly good enough to sell. With that in mind, I listed this one this morning on Etsy.

These photos are temporary because the sun wasn't out when I took them but they are good enough to share. I often update my photos and will probably take many of this pretty thing before I'm happy.

I have a bottle sitting next to me to get started on today. That should take longer to do and my enthusiasm for dots is waning only because I've been doing them at a fevered pitch for so long. It is time to slow down and enjoy the process and I'm ready for a mosaic or two in between.

I have discovered I truly enjoy doing this technique and will continue to make dot paintings on things for a long, long time. I now have 4 bottles, 2 frames and a peace sign made with dots and I love the way they all look! I have a few oddly shaped pieces of cement board and have considered doing some dots on them at some point. It's good to grow as an artist in a direction I hadn't planned. It feels right.

The muse is ready to work on a flower for the bookcase and my thumb is about healed enough to give it a try. I have no energy to sift through boxes or sort anything just yet, which means the organized room will have to wait until I feel the pull toward that process.

Whatever I do, I'll share here tomorrow, I'm sure!

Stay peaceful.

Cindy, Earth Mother Mosaics