Peace Signs

Friday, May 17, 2013

Wait until you see this!

The bookcase is in place and at work! Woo-hoo! I am so excited about this. I know it seems like no big deal to those who have space but to those of us who are limited by it, this is a dream come true! Isn't it awesome?!!

I found another awesome close-up of the shelves with the water marks on it. As someone who never plans the art, I think this is beautiful.

It's almost a shame the shelves are so badly needed and are now covered up, isn't it?

I started drawing a design on the side of the bookcase and will get out the mesh sometime today and start in on the mosaic for it. It would have been a great idea to wait to put it in place and work on the mosaic while it's turned on its side making the job a lot easier, however it is now nailed into the wall and as permanent as I could make it. That means working with mesh and attaching the mosaics on it as I would a wall. I'm okay with that decision because I truly needed to get out from under so many boxes around me.

This case now holds jewelry, polymer clay, stained glass and substrates. I still need some plastic containers for more glass that is sitting on the floor. The substrates will be moved eventually from this spot and placed in another but for now, they are visible and out of the way. A wonderful thing. The small drawers at the top hold some millefiori, charms, small odds and ends. There are a few drawers missing from it so I've used that area to place belt buckle blanks. They fit perfectly!

The side of the room where the grinder will go will be the area for dishes and dish shard materials plus a few things like river rocks, shells and buttons. Styrofoam balls and a few other things will be placed in the middle in an old blanket chest that my Dad refinished for my Mom when they were engaged. It was her hope chest and I have used it through the years to hold a lot of things, but now it will hold some items for my artistic endeavors. I will share photos of all of these things once I've actually started on them.

Cleaning the crafts table is next. I'm excited that I'll have a place to work again soon.

Although I have many other things I probably should be doing, my body needs a few days to recover from moving so many boxes (not yet shown in photos) from one side of the room to the other that I have to give myself a few days off. I'm okay with that. And of course I will be working on the latest dot painting or mosaic mesh flowers I mentioned above.

Here's the latest bottle I've painted. It's a beer bottle and was primed a few times and then painted black. There's no thin set on this one. I used it yesterday as an incense burner. :)

I'm working on a frame now. It's almost finished. I'll share photos tomorrow!

Stay peaceful.

Cindy, Earth Mother Mosaics