Peace Signs

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Happy Saturday! I'm so glad I decided to write a post every day for a while; it seems the more I do around here, the more I want to share, even if it's just me who will read this, I'm glad I'm doing it.

Work came to a halt yesterday as I reached into a box to get something and sliced my thumb open from a broken bowl. I'm used to getting hurt by glass and dish shards but this is on the tip and hurts so badly I actually cried when I first did it. I NEVER cry ... there's no crying in making mosaics, it comes with the territory. My left thumb was out of commission for the day and because I'm left handed, so was I.

That means there's not much to share that's new or exciting from the studio this day. I do have some pretty photos to show you of the frame. I pulled out 2 more plastic ones this morning and roughed them up a bit so I can paint on them. These particular ones have glass with them which means I may do a glass-on-glass mosaic with one or both once the frames have been painted.

This one will eventually get a piece of Wediboard or cement board sized for it and I'll do a mosaic to be placed inside. The "back to basics" designs I like to do using 3 stained glass colors horizontally may be what I do here and possibly for all three frames.

I also got the supplies gathered to do the mosaic flowers on mesh but with the cut on my thumb, I'll have to wait another day or two before I start that. It still hurts to hold glass to nip it, darn it.

I'm excited because I just got a few peace signs in MDF on Thursday! I love getting new supplies; I am grateful for the sales and custom orders that gets the supplies. It's such a blessing!

I am trying to decide what to do on them now that I'm on a painting kick. I would love to do a dot painting on one of them, so I'm fairly sure I will. I think I might give the other one to my daughter for her birthday in June after I put a mosaic on it or I might give her one of the frames I mentioned above.

Tomorrow I'm taking the day away from blogging to spend some time with the fam. My daughter and her husband want to take me to see the new "Star Trek" movie for my Mother's Day present. I'm really excited to see it. They took me to the last one too. Gotta love my kids! I've been catching up with every single episode of every reincarnation of the series on Netflix. So far I've seen the entire collections of the original "Star Trek", the animated series, "Star Trek: Next Generation" and I'm almost finished with the 3rd season of "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" which I never saw any of and LOVE it! In truth, I have to say, I love them all! I got involved with life around the time "Voyager" was running on TV and never got to see any of "Enterprise". I'm catching up, thanks to Netflix (and making sales to pay for it!), and it is a wonderful thing!

Enjoy your weekend and I'll be back on Monday with more photos to share from the studio!

Stay peaceful.

Cindy, Earth Mother Mosaics