Peace Signs

Thursday, May 23, 2013

I had a surprisingly creative day yesterday for about 1 hour! Yay!

Seriously it came out of nowhere and I held on tight and went with it! It quickly disappeared but boy, howdy, was I happy to feel that old tug from my muse once again! Sometimes inspiration hits me in my face, sometimes it sneaks up on me. It never matters, honestly, as long as it arrives.

I started the 5 x 7 inches glass-on-glass mosaic I mentioned I might do a few days ago. I wasn't sure I would do one after seeing how nice the dots looked on the 1st frame. Instead of dot painting the frame first, I left it alone and allowed the mosaic part to come first. I thought the dot painting, if it will be done, should happen after the mosaic this time around. As far as I can tell, the back will go on it so it can sit on a table or shelf. I might have to glue it all together to keep it from harm as it will be much heavier than normal. Time will tell.

It will be my "Back to Basics" design I mentioned last week. 3 colors blocked out in sections. I'm so happy I started this. I really didn't think I'd be doing any mosaics at all for a few more days. My thumb is in good shape too! Life is good and getting back to normal! Yee-haww!!!

I hope once I finish this the dots will go on the frame but if I'm still in "mosaic mode" I'll get going on the flowers for the bookcase or I might do something entirely different I haven't even thought of yet. And of course I could decide to continue with the organizing of the studio/living space too. There's still much to be done. I have learned not to force the creative stuff nor second guess where it'll take me on any given day.

My brain doesn't have the power right now to do a full day of anything but I can do a few things in small clumps. I'm not quite sure how I let myself get so burned out so quickly but I am. It felt really great to hold the nippers and cut glass again, though, I have to say. Even if it was just for an hour.

I'm also still editing the vintage goodies for the new Zibbet shop. I do a few items and leave it for a while. Check this cool planter that's going into the new shop for sale. It's a wooden souvenir planter from Bald Eagle Lookout, PA. Awesome!

Stay peaceful.

Cindy, Earth Mother Mosaics