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Friday, January 17, 2014

Promo Blast! Continues

I have to admit, as much work as it is on my end to gather together info to share in these full blown Promo Blasts, I am having fun sharing my work. I have such an eclectic selection of mosaics and painted items and really marvel at how versatile my muse really is. And it feels like I'm just beginning to tap into it all. That's exciting!

Below are the seven mosaics from Etsy I'm blasting today. Take a look, share what you want, and remember if you purchase any item throughout January and use the coupon code JAN10 you get 10% off any mosaic in my shop!

Mosaic Shrine, Sun, Bohemian Art, Bohemian Decor, Hippie Art, Hippie Decor, Mosaic Art, Recycled, Repurposed, Upcycled, Stained Glass - $250.00

My mosaic shrine is called "Sun Shrine In A Box" using a clever play on words for "shrine" and "sunshine". :)

Measures 7 inches by 8 inches and is covered inside and out, top to bottom with stained glass, china and mirror.

It was once a small wooden jewelry box painted in pink with bright flowers heading towards the dumpster. I have re-purposed it into a fine piece of Bohemian mosaic art.
I used stained glass, tempered glass, ball chain, charms, broken china and mirror on the inside. On the outside I used broken china, mirror and stained glass covering the top, bottom, sides and back.

The sun was painted then sprinkled liberally with gold glitter, covered in tempered glass and outlined in ball chain. The charms hanging from the top are a few broken earrings and really cool odds and ends charms given to me over the years. I added the finial on top and painted it black.

Sun Shrine In A Box

Mosaic Coasters: Tangerine and Lime, Set of 4 - $35.00

*Citrus Slices* Mosaic Coasters.

I've created the look of mosaic citrus slices of tangerine and lime in a 4 inch coaster set. Grouted in white and sealed, these coasters are a great decorative accent as well as useful.

*Citrus Slices* Mosaic Coasters.

I've created the look of mosaic citrus slices of tangerine and lime in a 4 inch coaster set. Grouted in white and sealed, these coasters are a great decorative accent as well as useful.

I've created the look of mosaic citrus slices of tangerine and lime in a 4 inch coaster set. Grouted in white and sealed, these coasters are a great decorative accent as well as useful.

Citrus Slices
After The Holidays Sale ~Reduced by 10%~

Don't forget to get an additional 10% at checkout by using the coupon code JAN10 on all mosaics in my shop for the entire month of January.

Stained Glass Mosaic, Suncatcher, Green, Red, Light Blue, Upcycled, Recycled, Holiday Decor - $166.50

Measures 11 1/2 inches

This started as a discarded microwave plate we salvaged from the dumpster. Re-purposed, upcycled, reused and recycled is a goal for each mosaic I make. Here is the best reason for my choices. Something once discarded as no longer useful, has a new purpose.

This has a profoundly beautiful fused glass piece in green and red (circa 1985). I've chosen to surround that piece with greens, reds, a little yellow, and some light blue stained glass in hand cut bits and pieces of stained glass and glass gems. Grouted in charcoal and sealed but not waterproof.

Stained Glass Holiday Suncatcher
Purple Glass Mosaic Dish - $30.00

I've added some mosaic magic to an old discarded small glass serving dish. Simple design in varied shades of purple cover the inside giving it an updated look.

Decorative purposes only. Not for long term storage for food or liquids.

Repurposed Purple Dish

After The Holidays Sale ~Reduced by 10%~

Mosaic Vase // Stained Glass // Candle Holder // Green // Red // Holiday Decor // Hostess Gift // Gift Ideas // Mosaic Decor // 7 x 3 inches - $54.00

This is such a pretty Mosaic Vase. From top to bottom this Holiday Mosaic is filled with hand cut pieces of stained glass in shades of green and red in a ribbon design placed around the vase. The colors are perfect for the holiday season. The light play from sun or candlelight is intense and quite beautiful. Grouted in light charcoal and sealed.

Useful and decorative art. Perfect!!

Holiday Vase/Candle Holder

Mosaic Jewelry Box And Pendant Set // Stars // Wishes // Iridescent Stained Glass // Silver Mirror // Glass Pendant // Dreams Can Come True - $55.00

My mosaic star box called "Wish Upon's" was crafted using all hand cut stained glass in black iridescent glass that shines in the light in a range from yellow to purple and every color in between, just like a rainbow. It's absolutely beautiful. Grouted in white.

The sides of the top and the base are covered in silver mirror cut to fit and grouted in gray. An acrylic paint is added to the base as well as small felt feet to protect your furniture when placed on a table or dresser.

Including with this pretty mosaic box is a tempered glass pendant called "WISH" filled with glitter and sparkle perfect for anyone on your gift list this year. This pendant comes with a 20 inch small ball chain silver plated necklace.

This set is so cool. Everyone needs to make wishes!

Wish Upon Star Jewelry Box with WISH Pendant

Mosaic Glass Cross // Stained Glass // Wall Art // Wall Hanging // Home Decor // Bright // Colorful // Gift Guide // Mosaic Scrap Art - $30.00

Mosaic Scrap Art is one of my favorite ways to create mosaics. Tiny bits and pieces of stained glass and tiles that many think are no longer useful can be combined together to make colorful mosaics. I love recycling. Isn't it wonderful?!

Stained Glass Cross

I hope you've enjoyed these blasts. I'll be doing more of them a few times a month but in the meantime, keep a look out for the available items you can purchase right here from this blog. It's going "live" here on Monday! Woo-hoo! Mention seeing this announcement here on my blog and get an additional 5% off of any item sold here on the blog. Just send me an email before you purchase for the adjusted price!

It has been an honor to have the wonderful customers I've had these past few years! I'd like to thank you all so very much for all of it. I've been so fortunately to have such a great following and a wonderful support system. You all ROCK!!

Support Independent Artisans, Designers and Crafters for your gift-giving needs all throughout the year. Thank you!

Stay peaceful,

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