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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

In The Studio - Wednesday

Things are slowing down a bit, as is always expected after a flurry of activity here In The Studio. I am still working on something however and can share it.

Using the word "flurry" above was not by accident. I'm thinking winter themed items right now. Although no one likes the cold, including me, I do love snow.

Here is "Let It Snow" still a WIP or work-in-progress.

The best part about this is as I work on it, with nothing really set in stone, I start to imagine how to continue with it. I only knew when I started that I wanted these 3 things on the mosaic.

The glue is still wet in the center where the words are but I put glitter and tempered glass on that part. Fun!!

I have noticed a few large sections in the center that need more tempered glass added to it as the glue dries. But the snowman is perfect and is really cool looking!

Once I continue with this, I'll work on the tree, then do some vines and flowers, maybe around the whole thing. There is another piece of glass that will go behind this one inside the frame. What I'm doing with that piece is not yet clear but I have a few ideas. The end result should give it a layered effect, I hope. If it works out, or even if it doesn't, I'll definitely share here!

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