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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

In The Studio - Wednesday

Dusting off the old mosaic tools and getting to work was exactly what I needed. I've missed going into that zone where nothing else is as important as the piece of glass in my hand and where it needs to be placed on the substrate in front of me.

I had a lot of fun over the past few days creating mosaics and I'm continuing the rest of the week along the same path. Yay!

I put a mosaic on a 10 inch plate. My favorite design, the sun and moon. LOVE these colors too, so that's a bonus.

All the newly purchased stained glass and mirror will soon be put to work here!

I love making mosaic suns and moons. It makes me very happy.

Shiny glass ... yummy!

All ready for the grout pile.

And I got a beauty of a flower put on a trivet. This has tape all around it to protect the sides from the grout.

I was still trying to decide what color grout to use on this at this point.

Once I finished it, I knew I'd be using black grout!
I really am on a roll right now! Yay!

And next was a 3 paneled frame. I added a chain and hooks to the wooden frame and put a mosaic on the 3 sections on glass that go with it.

Similar in design to my big window, I can make these up a lot faster.
Love how this one looks!

Still wet from the glue, a few more pieces of glass will be added to this later today before it gets to rest for a while. It looks good!

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