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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

In The Studio - Wednesday

This week I've been wrapping up mosaics for customers who have taken advantage of the 15% discount and who have purchased mosaics to help with my fundraiser. I love the options people see, to help out in anyway they can.

Last week, I sold the mid-century modern kitties and a set of 2 coasters to a wonderful long time, online friend who wanted to help. There is no better feeling than to know this help comes from friendship. We've never met in person, but I hope to change that in the future.

These two pieces were re-grouted over the last few days and have been sold.

The top one managed to slip a bit out of my hands and hit the floor on an angle right after I sold it. Naturally. Thank the GODDESS of all things creative that the mirror didn't break. The grout along the edges, however, cracked. They are older mosaics, between 4-6 years old, so getting some freshening up was in order.

They look great. Like a new coat of paint, the grout has given them a bit of a face-lift.

I also added a piece of mirror to the bottom one in that gap that has bugged me since I took this piece off of the wall to re-grout. Now it looks better to me (more pleasing to the eye) and I can re-grout that area once I know the glue is dry.

Now that they have a new lease on life, they will last a good long time in their new home.

The other two pieces headed to the same home are shown below.

I also sold a few mosaics to a high school buddy. This makes 6 old classmates who are enjoying or about to enjoy some EarthMotherMosaics magic! Woot!

I love the support and encouragement I've been receiving about my business. It reflects well on me too, if I allow the ego to speak for a moment. However, the best thing is, how well I have chosen my tribe. Obviously I have such a great support system and it mostly comes from the online community of old friends and new. I'm amazed and delighted. My family is a comfort as well, giving emotional support as always. I'm so very grateful and so very blessed!


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