Peace Signs

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

In The Studio - Part One

Happy First Day of Fall! I love the changes in season here in PA and I'm really excited to watch my favorite tree's leaves change into all the beautiful colors of autumn.

Here are a few photographs I've taken over the years of the maple trees in our courtyard and walking around the apartment complex. I really hope I can do that again this year but right now I can't manage to go down the stairs to get outside. Fingers crossed that will change soon.

Yesterday was my birthday! I turned 61 years old and to celebrate, because I had a quiet apartment all day (grandkids were in school, their parents were at work) I decided to put on some peaceful music and work on the mosaic I've neglected for 3 weeks.

This mosaic is on a 15 inch microwave plate. It's the last plate I have right now, so I wanted to make sure to do something really special on it. Behind the plate I taped about 6 photographs of mine from my favorite trees; one or two are shown above. Using them in an abstract way, I placed glass in sections following the colors of the leaves and the tree branches.

It took about 3 hours, to do that one last small section, but I did it!

Once this is grouted it will get placed in the window so we can see the pretty colors of autumn all year long. Right now this mosaic is for me, but eventually when I'm ready to let it go, I will list it in the new shop I'm working on through Handmade at Amazon.

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