Peace Signs

Friday, January 16, 2015

In The Studio - Part Two

The vase I put the water/glue treatment on before grouting is drying nicely. It should be dry completely by the end of the weekend.

As you can see, the milky spots of glue are just about gone
Using some of my earnings from the recent custom order, I purchased some glass tiles. A few were on sale, making this a fun visit to my favorite website: mosaicsbymaria which has a nice selection of tiles and sheets of glass at prices I can afford.

On December 31st, the end of the year sales were about finished up but I happened to find a 30% off coupon through Monster Mosaics and grabbed some really cool substrates!

The cat is a clock. Below the really cool square peace sign is a plaque that comes with a hook sturdy enough for a purse, tote bag or leash. And of course I had to get a new sun and moon! I like to have more than I could ever possibly mosaic around me. It's the beginning of a GREAT year!

Here's some progress pictures of the cardboard box mosaic. It's going to be so cool!

The sun hit the mirrored roof in the afternoon

Ceiling reflections from the mirrored roof on my house mosaic
one side is finished
It's pretty obvious that I had little to no planning with placement or design - but I am having fun!
I had no idea in which direction, design-wise, I was going with this and it shows. However, I knew it could possibly all collapse within itself when I started which is why I picked stained glass and mirror (not as heavy as some tesserae) to use for my first attempt. I have a second box I can use to do this treatment and I will try using a more thought out design. And maybe broken china.

The sky's the limit!!

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Stay peaceful,