Peace Signs

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

In The Studio - Part One

It's been another busy week so far, filled with much mosaic making magic!

I finished putting tesserae on my little cardboard box house. I love it, truly, I do. It was fun to create and I will definitely be making another one.

Grouting will be a little challenging but it can be time-consuming no matter the shape of the mosaic. This one will take time to clean, I'm certain.

I finished the custom ordered scrap glass mosaic and it is just about ready to head out towards its new home.

photo taken from inside of vase --- this shows why I like to do the water/glue treatment before grouting - very little seepage of grout went beneath the many thicknesses of glass pieces I use for my scrap glass mosaics

sitting proudly in the morning sun ... isn't it gorgeous?!

I've been working on a new mosaic over the past few days. A new sun/moon mosaic! Yay!

This was once a discarded kitchen cabinet before I grabbed it at the dumpster near our apartment complex. Now it has a D-ring attached to the back and will be a beautiful piece of mosaic wall art once completed. Woo-hoo!

I have some new things going to the Storenvy shop once they are grouted and each piece gets their own photo session for the listings.

3 inch peace sign ornament and cross both done in scrap glass

glittery star has a D-ring attached and will hang on my wall with the other celestial designs until it is purchased

2 toggle switch plate cover - sun

2 toggle switch plate cover - moon
There's lots of grouting in my future but it's all worth it. I love how grout makes my mosaics come together. Grouting will probably happen over the upcoming weekend. Fun!!

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Stay peaceful,