Peace Signs

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

In The Studio - Part One

Over the weekend, I finished up all the grouting of items I wanted to list on Storenvy. I love the blue grout a lot! It's called "Starry Night" and has a grey/blue hue to it. I'm always happy when I decide something would look good with it.

Isn't this grout color awesome?!

I've gotten all the mosaics I wanted to list on Storenvy over the past week. You can find the newest items: small peace sign ornament, the scrap glass cross, the sun switch plate cover and these below.

Evening Moon

Blue Glitter Mosaic Star Wall Hanging

I also finished up the celestial design I was working on.

And to think ... this was once a discarded kitchen cabinet I found leaning up against the dumpster.

Isn't it gorgeous?! I'm thrilled with it and am happy to have it completed and hanging on my wall.
Now that the muse is resting, I'm looking at the things I have here ready for mosaic magic. I am honing in on an 15 inch gazing ball I made a few years ago that has been prepped and ready for something fun. I'm thinking maybe it needs some Flower Power! Kitty thinks it's boring as it is now ... boring enough to nap through my taking this photo.

It takes a lot of time and tess to do these guys but it's always worth it. We love gazing balls!

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Stay peaceful,