Peace Signs

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

In The Studio

The fun continues this week! All the mosaics I made last week are now grouted!

Two are gifts.
Peace Ornament - Birthday Gift for Rowan who turned 8 years old yesterday but who is having a party this weekend. She loves peace signs and the color purple. I think I've got it covered.
This shoe is for Maddyson who is turning 5 in March. While this might look a tad too sophisticated for a five year old, Maddy is quite an unusual little girl. She drinks coffee (decafe) and prefers zombies over cheerleaders. Starfish is the pet name her grandfather gave her.

One I'm keeping but using as a prototype for made to order items once I can hone my Wediboard cutting skills a little more. Anyone interested in ordering one similar to this, let me know. This was a wooden cheese board my Dad made, probably in the 1960's, and passed down to me to use when I moved back east in the 1990's. I used it quite a bit but the small wooden dowels for feet fell off and I put it aside to do something with some day. I love what I've created with it. The retro feel to it is soooo "me". Recycling something my father made and making it a piece of art has given it even more meaning to me. I'm very happy with it.

One I'm listing next month. Another cutting board my Dad gave me; not sure he made this one, but I used it for years, then put it aside thinking I'd do this with it when I was ready. It took many years to decide what to do and how to do it, but I'm happy with the results. It's solid wood too. Really heavy!!

One is a donation. The iridescent Q's have not yet been added to the quilt. I'm considering adding resin to them, although I've only used it once before and covering them to give them a more solid foundation. On mesh and grouted, they are still too flexible and the mesh is still visible on the sides. It needs a more polished look and resin will give me that. And if they come out looking really bad, I have time (this is due before June 1st) to make another set of Q's and adding resin to those. I'll share a finished photo once I've got it.

And finally one still needs some TLC but will get listed AND offered as a made to order item. I'm not thrilled with my paint job on this - some of the paint bled into the grout on the sides and the hand mixed acrylics color is bit off too. I've decided to get some Washi tape when I can afford it and cover the sides with it. This too, will be shared once it's really finished.

Bohemian Morning
Today I am working on the next donation piece which is a mosaic star box. Inside and out, this box will be covered with stained glass and mirror.

A lot of work-in-progress photos will be shared as I continue. This is due before August 1st.

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Stay peaceful,