Peace Signs

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

In The Studio - Wednesday

Sometimes it's hard to know exactly what to write in my blog that might be interesting enough to share. The truth is, sometimes life is just sort of boring. I see it as a time to rest, allow the muse and her minions the time to regroup and make decisions on what's next.

I have things to grout but have decided to wait. I started working on a few small things but have put them aside for the moment.

This week and for the next few, I am focusing on moving within the house from one room to another. This is really not a big deal or not as big as the last move we all had in December. Much is still in boxes, awaiting the sorting of color and getting more clear boxes to fill up. I do have a lot of jars now, thanks to the fam saving them for me as they are emptied!

I will miss the bright orange color of this room I'm in now but the space is small.

I've managed to "spill" mosaics out into the hall and window sills throughout the house. Living with artists and like-minded people is a wonderful thing. Finding space for everything I've made over the years, even with placing mosaics throughout the house, is still a challenge. But we make it work!

I'm looking forward to the room I'll be in, which is the attic! It's deep purple painted walls and small touches added here and there invite me to decorate in bohemian decor. I can't wait to start purchasing tapestries, etc. to fill the space.

The room I'm moving into is bigger than this one, affording me the luxury of possibly eventually getting a desk for the computer and a work table for the art work!

The process of packing isn't difficult. Waiting for those who work and need to clear the attic space so I can move into it is all I'm really doing.

My grandson will be moving into the room I'm in now, which means he'll actually have a room to himself. Something he hasn't had for many years. He's very excited!

As the time is spent waiting for others, I spend a few hours on Etsy teams in the mornings, sharing the love and my own shop wherever I can.

Mostly, I've decided to just chill and enjoy the spring weather in the country and relax.

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Stay peaceful.
Cindy, Earth Mother Mosaics