Peace Signs

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

In The Studio - Wednesday

Hello there!! The organizing, sorting, purging "event" continues!

I've been having a good time rediscovering all the bits and bobs I've got in my space here. That overwhelmed feeling I had before I started has been replaced with feelings of great joy. I feel completely grateful to have so much at my disposal whenever the muse wants to play. All of these beautiful colors, now slightly more organized, show me exactly how blessed I am.

Here's some fun photos of just a small section of what I've managed to sort through so far.

I have lots of colors here to keep me happy. I noticed I've gotten quite a few jars of blue and green combos so far and I've really only touched the surface. Some pieces are quite small, using tweezers to pick them up and place in the jars became a little too tedious for me. I actually did toss some very small pieces away.

The broken china is only a small sample shown here; I have bins and boxes filled. No complaints. I'm so fortunate!! At some point, when I can organize them the way I'd like, I should be able to share what I have with others. That will be awesome!

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