Peace Signs

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

In The Studio - Part One

The grouting sessions have begun for the small 4 x 4 inch artist blocks I put mosaics on. These 10 blocks are going to different parts of the US in August from PA, KY, FL, TX and PR just to name a few. I'm thrilled to see them coming to life.

Each design is different in the center and I'd like the recipients to be surprised by what they see when these arrive. I will share a photo of what each center design looks like once I know the recipient received their block. The sides are all done in scrap glass for all 10. After I took this photo I got out the cleaning and scraping tools and went to work getting rid of the grout shown here in places (like the orange and white millefiori circle, for example).

I'll be grouting and cleaning for the entire month of July. Each day is different for me due to pain management. On days when I think I can grout and clean, I will do as much as I can. Then I rest for a few days. It's amazing how much mobility and strength I've lost over the winter and spring months.

I've finished and sent out the custom ordered peace sign!

after grouting - what a beauty!

the sides were covered in tiles and grout too

after painting sides and back and adding the D-ring

It was a complete joy to make this mosaic and I was a bit surprised by my sadness once I packed it up and shipping it out yesterday. I'm sad to see it go but happy it's headed to its forever home. Mourning the mosaics I make is not unusual but it doesn't happen often. And always takes me by surprise.

I worked on a scrap glass mosaic peace sign last week. Once grouted, it will be added to the online store.

10 inch scrap glass mosaic peace sign

I grouted the mosaic I made of the umbrella using cut up bits of doodle paper under glass. It came out really great. I like it!

This will eventually get added to Storenvy as well. Woo-hoo!

I also have 2 extra 4 x 4 inch artist blocks and I pulled one out to work on the other day. I grouted that and got it painted. I need a good camera day so I can list this one. Hopefully that will happen when the sun comes out again.

Flash photography isn't my favorite but it does show the different blue and white dish tiles I used in this. I used the chintz design and blue willow design along with orange stained glass. The design has a Japanese Maple leaf look to it, although I had no plans for that when I started. I LOVE when that happens!!

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Stay peaceful,