Peace Signs

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

In The Studio - Part One

There's always something going on, In The Studio. This week I'm doing small things waiting for some grout I ordered online to arrive to finish up the custom order.

Here's the small pile that's quickly turning into a large pile of mosaics ready to be grouted.

Two were pulled from this pile to grout and are shared below. I discovered two others to add to it, however! No pictures of these at the moment, but the cardboard house mosaic I made a while ago and the very large flower power sphere both need some grout.

I love this star wall art! Made with stained glass and mirror, swirls in nano ceramic tiles. 

An old PS2 has been turned into art that will probably always be a family treasure.

I put tiles along the outer edge of the custom ordered peace sign. Now it waits for grout to arrive.
Every day this week we have thunderstorms or rain. No wonder I no longer sleep. It's been a very painful week between arthritis, sciatica and a muscle spasm.

One of my recent drawings in ink and marker. Waiting for the perfect frame.
Waiting for grout: 3 inch star, 6 inches each moon and sun wall art - will be sold as a set
Also waiting for grout: 6 inch rocket ship.
#20 cross of 25 crosses. I started this challenge over 2 years ago. Interested tidbit of info - the biggest seller in crosses is the scrap glass ones. I guess I'll make a few more of those with the last 5 I've left to mosaic.

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Stay peaceful,