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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

In The Studio - Part One

Wow, what a productive week so far!

Weather-wise, it's been a bit crazy. Rain and gloomy skies. I live in an area that gets a lot of tornado watches. June is the big month for that and it's already started. What we mostly get are lots of rain which produces flooding, wind and thunderstorms. This in turn causes my poor body to stay in a constant amount of pain. However, not being able to sleep due to pain and a brain that won't shut off really does produce a plethora of art!

I have used a lot of shapes more than once, like the camel and elephant for the Zentangle doodles. Can't wait for the sun and the Camera Goddess to work together to get some great photos for cards and prints to be made of some of them.

The elephant above is called "Gentle Giant". I shared it on Society6. These are my favorites using that design.

I was gifted last week with 3 sketch pads by an online buddy who told me she'd never use them and thought I might. 2 watercolor pads (different sizes) and one for pens and markers have already been used. I'm happy to have such generous friends. They take good care of me.

I did one watercolor so far this week using acrylics. I didn't get the ratio right with the water on the darker colors in my opinion and the black watercolor crayon was too heavy in areas but considering I'm teaching myself, I'd say this is a good first attempt.

I have managed to continue to add more to the grout pile too! I'm still going strong with creating mosaics and really hope to start grouting as soon as the muse and my body agree on when to do it. I now have 3 items I want to grout so I can make them available for sale.

I found some small 1 inch tiles given to me years ago by a long time friend recently (and promptly lost them again after doing what you see below!) and did some doodles on them. I made them into pendants. Those will get listed too.

Three are painted in watercolors. I love them!!

Enjoy your week! I know I am. I've already started on the next mosaic and doodle.

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Stay peaceful,