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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

In The Studio

Busy with gifts but having a blast making them! I love to make mosaics. The more I make, the more I love it.

Everything requires grout now. I'm fairly sure I've shared some of these things here before, but I'm doing it again in case they were missed earlier.

First up are the crosses I've done. Not all are gifts. Some will get listed on Etsy.

And there's the owl that will get listed.

Some gifts my grandson made.

Some pendants for a few tweens and a little one.

The birthday gift for my son-in-law who has to share Christmas with his special day.

A wine bottle (can't wait to make another one of these!) using the way I dot paint as inspiration.

An elephant for my grandson.

A little ATC sized mosaic that combines dot painting and mosaic (first attempt). I want to make a few more of these and abandon them here and there and every where. They will be magnets when finished.

"Wedding Day"

A Day of the Dead Skull for my grandson's Aunt and Uncle.

And last, the only one that is grouted and ready to gift, the TARDIS.

There's one gift that will be late this year only because I needed to wait for a sale in order to get the materials needed. I'll share that when it arrives (which could be in 3-6 weeks).

Next Wednesday I'll share all gifts grouted! It's gonna be a messy week. But fun!! :)

I can also now share the 2 photos of the gifted items I made for the kind folks who donated money towards the fund raiser to get this new computer I'm using. Many thanks and lots and lots of love go out to each and every one of you who donated.



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Stay peaceful,