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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

In The Studio - Wednesday

Hello 2017!! I'm happy to meet you!! I'm so glad the New Year is here!!!

We've moved and I'm slowly finding mosaics that were listed on Etsy. Some are still missing but I'm hoping to reopen my shop in February although originally I said January. I am not ready. Hopefully, no matter how many items are in it, I will be ready on February 6th. I will give a shout out to everyone here on the blog and social media sites to let everyone know when I return.

Here is a portion of what was packed.

Honestly, much is still missing or has been put in storage. I'm hoping I will be reunited with all of it eventually but it is likely some things got left behind. No matter how much you plan, some things, when they are out of your hands, have to be let go.

Above is what my room looked like as I was moving in. And the hall right outside the door has a long line of boxes as well. Most are now unpacked but have just been replaced with more to go through.

I love this window! The view is amazing.

taken from the porch under my window
The kitty is settling in.

Sadly, a few plastic trays that I put mosaics on did not make it.

But happily, the microwave plates I put stained glass on made it just fine. As did the hummingbird privacy panel.

The family is all together. Multi-generational, from both sides of my grandson's family. There are dogs, cats, young adults, new babies on the way, grandchildren and great grandchildren. I see a lot of memories to be made here. Lots of fun and happiness too! And PS ... isn't the wall color perfect?! They painted it especially for me, picking a color they thought I'd like. They did a great job, don't you think?

I'm not yet sure where the studio side of the room will be, how I'll set it up, or when it'll be set up. I do know although initially I was to be in a bigger room, the room I've been given is wonderful. Warm, welcoming and there is enough room to do what I love to do. I have no complaints!

As I figure things out here, I'll share with you all. I hope you'll come along on the journey as I discover new sights and inspiration along the country road.

Enjoy the moments.

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Stay peaceful,
Cindy, Earth Mother Mosaics