Peace Signs

Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday's Featured Item: Stained Glass Mixed Media Mosaic

Stained Glass Mixed Media Mosaic, Blue, Green, Upcycled/Recycled, Suncatcher, Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary
Measures 9 inches, Price: $110.00

This started as a discarded microwave plate (with a slight chip/crack in it).

Now, it is used to showcase many items almost all of them re-purposed including buttons, river stones and two unique fused glass pieces (broken).
There is so much to see in this small piece of art. It is soothing to look at, very peaceful in design to give the flowing appearance of water in a stream. Traditionally suncatchers are hung in the window to grab the light, however, my plates are heavy and hanging is not recommended nor do I craft them for that purpose. Looks fantastic sitting in the window as seen in the photos in a display dish holder.

Grouted in a hand blended grey, stones have been treated to give them extra shine. Stand is not included.

Item price includes shipping, insurance and handling.
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Be at peace.

©2012 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics