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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

In The Studio - Wednesday

A few weeks have passed since my last post and I'm not much more settled in than I was then, truthfully. I seem to be mostly in hibernation mode for the winter. I've been handing mosaics to the fam to be placed here and there. I'm grateful to have a place to share my mosaics and in a home that appreciates art so much. It's a wonderful thing!

The Mosaic Muse is sleeping peacefully, slowly stretching her wings, not yet ready to wake up.

The Camera Goddess is wide awake however. I've been taking photos of the area around me, mostly from the porches and am so pleased with the results. I LOVE it when the Goddess is awake!

The weather has been either cold and/or very wet from rain and my bones are just as happy staying in a warm space.

I've been considering what to do and how to do it in this room so I can maximize the space I have available to me. I won't be able to do much or what I see in my head until I've paid off the debt I started the fund raiser for. That will be close to summer time in May or June.

But I am still going to mosaic; as I already feel a slight tug to order more glue since it never made it here with me. I will be working on the fund raising rewards soon so that requires gathering a small amount of cash in the next few months to get the supplies I need to make those. I only need a few things which is great for the budget. I'll be using my bed, a box to hold the glass and other fun things I like to use when I mosaic and watch Netflix with a kitty purring at my feet.

Just because I don't have the dedicated studio space set up, doesn't mean I'm not dedicated to creating. I recently found my doodle pad and a pencil, so I am drawing a little bit. Woo-hoo!

Mostly I'm resting, still looking through boxes that line the hallway toward my room. Not even a small portion of boxes I showed here in the last post when I was packing up have made it to me yet. Those, I truly hope, made it to storage and weren't left behind.

I've had to give up a lot during this move. Just stuff, but still ... my stuff. Pretty sure those wonderful old mosaic stained glass windows I made were left behind due to time restraints and not having the room in cars and vans that were used to transport all of our belongings from one place to the other. My kids, bless their hearts, did what they could to get me in a safe environment and settled enough to be taken care of but I had to let go of so much. I'm in mourning, understandably, for the art I am missing and will be very surprised if I see most of what I am missing ever again.

Art ... so much art ... supplies, clothes. They tell me a lot is still in storage and safe but they don't know exactly what. When I ask about a specific thing, they don't really know if they saw the box, if it got into storage or if they had to leave it behind. I believe this is the Universe's way of telling me to truly start over, fresh, one must cut all ties of the past. Once I am at peace with the loss, I can continue to create new art and feel the renewed excitement once more.

The fam as a whole is now starting to get settled themselves here in our new home and blending in with the rhythm already established by family already living here and who opened their home up to us. What a blessing.

It's been a nice adventure so far, a welcome one. I like learning that I'm not the only elder, no longer alone in my dreams of an artist's life and finding kindred spirits in the young ones as well as the ones older than I am. We've all known each other since before my daughter had my grandson and got along really well. Now we are together every day and have started a few new traditions. One was creating a talking stick and a Gratitude Jar.

Photo credit: Siobhan Comisky
And with the New Year came some new opportunities, with a new job for my daughter's fiance, whom I refer to as The Big Man in his field of expertise --- something he's been struggling to find for almost a year since he was laid off. And night school is continuing for my daughter and of course she's still working too. It's a struggle for her ... makes it hard for her to raise a family, work and be in school, but she's done it so far and I'm very proud of her for it all.

We are all getting the nurturing we need. I only see bright skies ahead for everyone as a group and individually. I'm happy I have food to eat, companionship when I need it, quiet time when I need it, comfort of hot/cold running water. The basics are taken care of and the creative spark will continue soon once more, I'm positive.

Life is good!

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Stay peaceful.
Cindy, Earth Mother Mosaics

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

In The Studio - Wednesday

Hello 2017!! I'm happy to meet you!! I'm so glad the New Year is here!!!

We've moved and I'm slowly finding mosaics that were listed on Etsy. Some are still missing but I'm hoping to reopen my shop in February although originally I said January. I am not ready. Hopefully, no matter how many items are in it, I will be ready on February 6th. I will give a shout out to everyone here on the blog and social media sites to let everyone know when I return.

Here is a portion of what was packed.

Honestly, much is still missing or has been put in storage. I'm hoping I will be reunited with all of it eventually but it is likely some things got left behind. No matter how much you plan, some things, when they are out of your hands, have to be let go.

Above is what my room looked like as I was moving in. And the hall right outside the door has a long line of boxes as well. Most are now unpacked but have just been replaced with more to go through.

I love this window! The view is amazing.

taken from the porch under my window
The kitty is settling in.

Sadly, a few plastic trays that I put mosaics on did not make it.

But happily, the microwave plates I put stained glass on made it just fine. As did the hummingbird privacy panel.

The family is all together. Multi-generational, from both sides of my grandson's family. There are dogs, cats, young adults, new babies on the way, grandchildren and great grandchildren. I see a lot of memories to be made here. Lots of fun and happiness too! And PS ... isn't the wall color perfect?! They painted it especially for me, picking a color they thought I'd like. They did a great job, don't you think?

I'm not yet sure where the studio side of the room will be, how I'll set it up, or when it'll be set up. I do know although initially I was to be in a bigger room, the room I've been given is wonderful. Warm, welcoming and there is enough room to do what I love to do. I have no complaints!

As I figure things out here, I'll share with you all. I hope you'll come along on the journey as I discover new sights and inspiration along the country road.

Enjoy the moments.

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Stay peaceful,
Cindy, Earth Mother Mosaics

Friday, December 9, 2016

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!

This is such a wonderful time of year. Busy, hectic, memorable.

For me this year, I'm not really in the holiday spirit but I'm okay with that. We are packing up for a move happening before the end of December. Everything is packed or pushed around waiting to be placed in boxes.

I'll be away from all of my online shops and a lot of social media activities on a regular basis starting this Sunday, December 11th and won't be back until January 4th. Please, if you're considering buying a mosaic from my shop as a holiday gift you have until December 11th to assure it'll be found (most of the mosaics from the shops are likely already boxed up) and shipped out in time for the holidays. After December 11, 2016, I won't be shipping anything out again until 2017.

I'll definitely need some time to find all the mosaics that have been lovingly packed once we get to our new home.

One small area on the studio side getting packed up about a week ago.

What time is normally reserved just for family, is now being split between daily life routines and sorting through treasures. I'm not making gifts this year, I just didn't have the time. Everyone I gift to, either lives with me or knows what's going on in my life. I don't think anyone expects a gift.

We're moving to a rural area within Bucks County, PA. I'll be in one large room for the moment with many windows and bright light streaming through. I'll have room to create and to live within the same space like I have now only twice as big with more space to spread out.

Part of the view I'll see from one window. I'm looking forward to taking many photos as the seasons change.
Another view I'll see often. Not too bad, huh?
We have a Green Man keeping watch over us.
There will be a kitty with me too.

This is Baby. We are fostering her for her Mom who has fallen on hard times. Hopefully she'll enjoy all the windows in my new room as much as I do. She should be entertained for hours watching birds flutter by from the trees.

Life couldn't get much better. I'm very blessed and grateful for family who offered their home and made room for us all. My daughter and her family will be with me too. We're moving in with Little Dude's other set of Grandparents, so he'll have his Mom-Mom, Pop-Pop and his Nana too, all under one roof. How cool is that?!

My daughter and fam will have a small room for the moment but it is only temporary. Our family will be building an apartment for them some time next year. We'll all be under one roof, in our own separate spots, in the comfort of support and like-minded people. It's a wonderful new adventure and I'm looking forward to it!

As for the fund raiser, you may remember I opened one to help with an old debt. My Social Security Retirement Benefits started at the end of last month and I'm now able to make payments on my own. It doesn't leave me with much but I don't need much at the moment. The debt should be paid off completely in April 2017. What a relief! I want to thank all those who contributed, and will be in contact with you all soon about your mosaic rewards. They won't get worked on until the new studio is set up and ready to go next year.

I'll be back, after January 4th, to share our moving adventures and some new photos of my new studio space as soon as I'm able.

Thank you all for supporting me through the all the highs and lows life throws our way. Amazingly enough, I exceeded my expectations with sales through Etsy since re-opening in September. I am positive next year will be a stellar year of many sales and much creativity. I hope you'll share it all with me when I write about my adventures here.

Have a very Happy Holiday and Happy New Year!

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Stay peaceful,
Cindy, Earth Mother Mosaics

Monday, November 21, 2016

Let's Go Shopping!

This past month I've tried to show some of my favorites I've found on Etsy. It's been so much fun to share new shops, have these folks get to know each other and of course see what I do as well.

We are in the midst of a move and I'm packing a little bit every day (no studio time at the moment either) using the time I'd normally use for blog posts. Now until the end of the year, my posts will be hit or miss due to packing and I might not have internet access for a day, a week or a month.

Sadly, for the moment, dedicating time to virtual window shopping is at a minimum and writing posts may become more difficult within the next few weeks.

Having said that, I have made up a small collection of items from my own shop. I will definitely do more collections from other shops once more as soon as the dust settles after our move.

Click here to go to my shop. I will be stepping away from my shop briefly, not planning on putting it on vacation officially as I'd like to leave it open while we move. Do your holiday shopping now to assure you get your mosaic on time!

Let's connect!

Stop by and shop:
--- ETSY --- AFTCRA --- STORENVY ---

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Stay peaceful,
Cindy, Earth Mother Mosaics

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

In The Studio - Wednesday

Things are slowing down a bit, as is always expected after a flurry of activity here In The Studio. I am still working on something however and can share it.

Using the word "flurry" above was not by accident. I'm thinking winter themed items right now. Although no one likes the cold, including me, I do love snow.

Here is "Let It Snow" still a WIP or work-in-progress.

The best part about this is as I work on it, with nothing really set in stone, I start to imagine how to continue with it. I only knew when I started that I wanted these 3 things on the mosaic.

The glue is still wet in the center where the words are but I put glitter and tempered glass on that part. Fun!!

I have noticed a few large sections in the center that need more tempered glass added to it as the glue dries. But the snowman is perfect and is really cool looking!

Once I continue with this, I'll work on the tree, then do some vines and flowers, maybe around the whole thing. There is another piece of glass that will go behind this one inside the frame. What I'm doing with that piece is not yet clear but I have a few ideas. The end result should give it a layered effect, I hope. If it works out, or even if it doesn't, I'll definitely share here!

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Monday, November 14, 2016

Let's Go Shopping!

I had an enjoyable week off, allowing the creative juices to start to flow once more. The colors of autumn inspire me greatly.

This week, I decided the focus needs to be on woodland creatures. Just because.

This collection is called "It's All About The Owls". Click on the links under the collection to take you to each shop. Give them all a look, a heart or two and let them know they are loved.

It's All About The Owls

Top Row from Left to Right:

robinseggvintageNC - Owl Decor: $21.95

ATwistedThread - Autumn Decor - Fall Decor - Owl Pillow: $25.00

CeramaStudio - Black ceramic mugs Owls Set of 2 cups: $33.86+ 

Middle Row from Left to Right:

CosmicPrint - Wall Art Owl: $11+

grabacoffee - Felt owl hanging ornament: $5.60+

Bottom Row from Left to Right:

BoutiqueBarn - Barn Owl: $35

HempClub - Owl Necklace: $23.50

FreeInTree - Hairfork Owl: $70.00+

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Friday, November 4, 2016

In The Studio - Friday

A little bit ago I was looking out the window at the beautiful leaves in the trees and realized how grateful I am to have an eye for color and design sense to at least a certain degree. My eye was drawn then to the stained glass vases sitting on my windowsill. This, in turn, made me look at my computer where I was editing some photos for my 2nd Storenvy shop which is dedicated to gift and decor items from photos I've taken over the years.

I decided since I'm not doing anything new since the last post from the studio, instead I'd share a pretty collage of items both mosaic and photo items available in my shops on Storenvy and Etsy. Like other collections I've done, use the links under the collage to take you right to the items I'm sharing here. If you like them, share with those you think might also enjoy seeing them.

Shower Curtain and Area rug set: $120 and up depending on size of rug.

Stained Glass Mosaic Vase: $75.00 + shipping

Lumbar Pillow - Available in 3 sizes: $33 and up depending on size.

Sometimes working in the studio means taking and editing photos for a few days of the things I'm getting ready to list for sale online. Photography, creativity, art ... it's all wrapped up in a work day for me. Life can be so full of wonder! Look at the photo I decided was the most awesome from the photos I took of the leaves on my tree in the morning while the sun was shining. Isn't it amazing?

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