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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

From The Studio - Wednesday

I've been working on secret gifts lately so I haven't been able to share much. I am sharing what I've been working on now, which is a birthday gift for my son-in-law but he rarely haunts my news feed on Facebook nor does he read my blog posts, so I'm fairly sure I can share his gift here. On Friday, I'll share the other gift I made because it has been shipped, delivered and well-received.

I'm always looking for great shapes to mosaic on and we always have a bottle or two around here to use. In truth I have 6 empty wine bottles washed out and ready to do things on and have more to use, plus decanters, whiskey bottles and a few other assorted cool looking shapes in bottle form.

My SIL likes whiskey and saved a Four Roses bottle for me last year. I've been pushing it around on the shelf for all that time until it told me it was ready to become a mosaic. His birthday is this month, so that was exactly what I needed to hear.

I used dark purple and chartreuse stained glass, iridescent black glass, silver and green mirror, ball chain and tempered glass.
I put tempered glass over the roses emblem. I considered leaving them exposed but in the end I felt I needed to add glass.

WIP - front

Front - Almost finished

The back is pretty nifty looking too!

Back - Ready for grout

Now it's ready for the grout pile and I think it's awesome. I hope he does too!


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